Senior Living That Makes Sense

Whether you live in your own home, condominium or apartment, you can use the chart below to compare your present monthly expenses with the monthly fees for your private residence at Canton Christian Home. You may find yourself surprised to see how senior living at Canton Christian Home makes sense

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as well as a worksheet to help you decide.

  1. Are you eating nutritious and balanced meals?

  2. Has your home maintenance become too difficult to manage without assistance?

  3. Do you worry about your personal safety, health and overall wellbeing?

  4. If you are concerned about driving or have given up driving, do you depend on friends and family to see that you get to church, your doctor appointments or going to social events?

  5. Do the winter months keep you isolated and indoors?

  6. Is someone available to help you when you are ill?

  7. Have you found yourself increasingly depending on others to do things that you once did on your own?

  8. Are you lonely?

  9. Do you have a fear of falling?