12 Tips for Moving Success

Organize Early

Begin organizing early, whether you are planning a move for next month or in six months.  It is wise to start your planning as early as possible. The more you accomplish ahead of time the smoother and less stressful your move will be.

Ask and Accept Help

Ask and accept help.  Preparing for a move is demanding.   Be safe and realistic about the support you will need.  Ask for help in sorting, disposing and donating your belongings.  Think about who might help you with the heavy lifting and carrying.  If you don’t have someone available, ask your Canton Christian Home representative for recommendations.

Set Modest/Reasonable Daily Goals.

Set modest/reasonable daily goals. Each day tackle at least one drawer, cupboard, closet or specific small area of your home.  Slow and steady gets the job done!  Sort belongings into one of five boxes; take with me, give to family, give to charity, sell and pitch.  If you are not sure what to do with an item ask yourself “Have I used this item, or looked at it, within the past year?  Label all boxes.  Label each box with the room it’s going into and the contents of the box and number each box.  Make a master list of all the numbered boxes and its contents.


Choose a room in your home to be your staging area.  Place your packed and labeled boxes in this room, out of your way.  This will keep your living area safe and clutter free.


Decide what furniture to take.  If you have a favorite piece of furniture and it is important for your comfort, take it with you.  It’s a good idea to duplicate a familiar favorite furniture grouping in your new home.  Mark furniture with different colored dots or sticky notes.  Example: – take with you - pink, give to family - blue, sell - yellow.

Take Only Necessities

Think in terms of what you will really need and use.  Will you use your food processor or waffle iron?  Check table linens, towels, pots and pans.  How many do you really need?  Keep the things you love and associate with good memories, things you will use and can’t live without.  You can find good homes for the rest.  Share with family, friends, sell, or donate to charity.  You will find pleasure in knowing those belongings will be put to good use.

Mulitpurpose Pieces are a Good Idea

Multipurpose pieces of furniture are a good idea.  A microwave cart with storage underneath.  Lamp tables with space for storage underneath, sofa-bed or love seat.  Chairs that can be easily moved in the room.

Save Precious Mementoes

Save your precious mementos.  Place your special pictures, letters and small mementos together in a container that you can easily access.  Many of your special photos can be hung on the wall of your new home. Pick out your favorite photo albums and bring them with you.  Give the remaining albums to family.

Plan for Your Pets

Plan for your pets. If you are moving into a pet friendly community, such as Canton Christian Home, and plan to take your pet, be sure to have your pets’ up to date shot record. Make arrangements for back-up care givers and kennel accommodations if needed

Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is a good idea to protect your belongings.  The policies are usually reasonably priced.

Make the Most of Storage

Make the most of storage space.  Think of your furniture in terms of what will supply you with the best storage space.  You may want to double hang your closet. Shelving and cabinets are helpful.  Under bed storage containers on wheels are handy for out of season clothing.

Immediate Needs

Pack a suitcase or box with the important things you will need immediately.  Make sure you include your medications, phone, phone charger, laptop or tablet with charger, toiletries, a change of clothing, pajamas, address book, keys, papers relating to the move, checkbook, credit cards, coffee or tea pot, sheet set and a set of towels.