What to Bring – Assisted Living

Look at you family member’s current living arrangement, and chose the items that mean the most to them.  Bring items that have good memories associated with them and help to tell the story of their life.  If possible set up the room similar to how it is set up at home.  Keeping the surroundings as familiar as possible will help ease the transition.  Please do not overcrowd the unit as it can present serious safety hazards including falls.


Bedspread or quilt, pillows, throw blanket

Comfortable chair, 2 lamps, chest of drawers, night stand, TV, TV stands, phone

Pictures for walls, photo albums, diplomas and plaques for the walls

Wreath for the door

Canton Christian Home typically provides the bed at no extra charge.  If the resident decides to bring their own bed, the mattress cannot be older than 2007 to meet fire retardancy requirements.  Experience shows us that a lower bed is helpful and makes it easier to get in and out of bed safely.


8-10 outfits (mix and match works best), limiting clothing cuts down on frustration. Clothes can be rotated on a seasonal basis to simplify. Clothing that can be laundered is best.  Items that need to be dry cleaned are discouraged (as they will need to be taken care of by the family).  If purchasing new clothes consider one size larger for comfort.  All clothing MUST be labeled with the resident’s name

Socks and undergarments 8-10 day’s worth – marked with name

2-3 washable cardigans, coat, hat and gloves in winter months – mark with name

2-3 pairs of supportive shoes or sneakers and 1-2 pair of slippers.  No high heels.  Please label shoes with resident’s name


All medications, even over the counter medications need to be discussed with the nurse

All prescription medications must be in the control and possession of the nursing staff.  All medications must be blister packed, unless the resident is able to demonstrate the ability to self-administer medication

Always notify the nurse with updated medication changes or new medical diagnosis


Cash, credit cards, insurance cards, and jewelry (of sentimental or financial value) should be held by the family.  Setting up a jewelry box with costume jewelry is ideal.  Having a wallet with some items in it that are not a security risk is helpful.


Glasses and hearing aids should be labeled with the resident’s name

Dentures should be labeled and can be etched by the dentist

Electric shaver for men

Handicap bars that attached to the toilet may be helpful for some residents

Personal care items like body wash, lotions, dental care products, hair care products

Incontinence care products (Incontinence care products can be provided by Canton Christian Home for an additional charge)

Canton Christian Home provides towels, hand towels and washcloths, small garbage bags, tissues,  toilet paper and bar soap


We encourage families and friends send cards, letters, magazines, newspapers to the resident.  The resident’s bills, insurance notices, or financial statements should be mailed to the power of attorney, guardian or responsible party.  There are mail designation forms available at the front desk should changes need to be made.

Please complete a change of address notification, at the post office and with specific billing sources (Medical insurance, banking).


Families should plan to allow time for furniture delivery and set-up.  The goal of move-in day is for the resident to join others in activities and meals.  Our objective is to begin establishing a daily routine as soon as possible.

Option One (best Option) – Complete set up of room prior to resident moving in.

Allows for resident to come into an environment that is calm and orderly.  With familiar items in place.  It also allows staff to fully concentrate on the resident on move-in day and complete admission requirements. We need resident to arrive by 11:00 am.

Our maintenance department will hang pictures within the next few days as their schedule permits.

Option Two - Move in furniture when the resident moves in.

You must be sure to have items arrive no later than 11:30 am.  Please plan to have unpacking done by 4:00 p.m. Please avoid moving large items /furniture in during meal 7:00 – 9:30 am and 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

We want to avoid new residents being in the middle of the move-in of their furniture.

Our Maintenance Department will hanging pictures within the next few days as their schedule permits.