What’s in your forecast?

We all know the saying, “April showers, bring May flowers”.  This adage reminds me that sometimes in life, we have to go through some tough times, to come out on the other side, better and stronger.  But, knowing that we have challenging times in our forecast, sure makes us hope that the meteorologist is wrong.  But, if in fact, the stormy weather is looming around, here are some suggestions to weather the storm. 

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Put the challenging situation into perspective.  You have gone through other challenging times, and if you take a moment, you can remember that you survived.  If you are reading this, you can definitely say that your survived 100% of your worst days so far, so you can survive this too.

Keep your inner critic away and become truthful with yourself.  Talk to yourself with compassion, as if you were talking to a friend.  Remember what we tell ourselves, is equal to what we feel.

Lastly, remember you are so much more than your current situation.  Do things that help you feel good about yourself (take a walk, talk to a special friend, pray, listen to uplifting music, or read a book). 

So some days are cloudy, but clouds never stay for long.  They move away unveiling a beautiful sky of blue.