Coronavirus Information

Since we first learned of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canton Christian Home has worked closely with our local health department, Ohio Department of Health, our health care team, our residents, employees, families and friends to ensure that we are taking every necessary precaution to safeguard residents and staff.

Information about our progress is tracked by the Ohio Department of Health and reported weekly on the State of Ohio Coronavirus Website.  The State of Ohio requires all-staff testing for its licensed nursing homes and residential care facilities. Canton Christian Home tests our entire workforce frequently to better protect our community.

General Visitation Information

Canton Christian Home is – first and foremost – concerned about the physical and mental health of every Canton Christian Home resident and staff member.  Our COVID-19 infectious disease control team regularly reviews and, if necessary, amends our visitation policy for issues such as: (a) changes in recommendations of the Department of Health; (b) the possibility of an occurrence of active case(s) in Canton Christian Home; or (c) a significant change in transmission or positivity measurement for Stark County.  As these factors can change weekly we may frequently need to amend our policy.  Therefore, we have initiated robocalls to keep families/POAs informed of our current visitation status.  In addition, our current visitation policies are available below and on Facebook.

Current Visitation Policies

We are currently allowing open visitation with some restrictions. For Nursing and Assisted Living, while appointments are no longer needed, calling ahead to the floor to let staff know you are coming is helpful so we can make sure your loved one is ready for the visit.

If your loved one is in a private room or apartment, or is the only resident in a semi-private room, you may visit the resident in their room or apartment.

If your loved one shares a semi-private room with another resident, you will still need to visit in a designated area at the North entrance or in the visitation area on the 2nd floor.

You will still be screened for COVID symptoms when you enter the building. You must still wear a face mask at all times while walking through the building and if you come into contact with staff or other elders.

You may not visit other elders or walk about the building while you are here for a visit.

Anyone that is not able to abide by these directions will be denied their visit or have their visit cut short.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 330-456-0004 and ask for Michelle, the Assistant Director of Nursing.

Delivery Policies

All deliveries to a resident must be brought in to the North (main) entrance. All parties bringing in perishable or non-perishable items for the resident must enter the building and sign in the “resident delivery log”. This log will ask you to fill in the date, time, and your name. The facility staff will then complete Canton Christian Home’s portion of the log. The times for delivery are Monday-Friday from 8am through 6 pm. Deliveries after 6pm may not be delivered that day. Please make sure you are aware of this especially if the item is perishable.

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